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Thread: lookin for a bitsoup or alternative plz

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    I like bitsoup and or somthing similar to , would really like an invite ...the people re great thxs i have a demonoid invite to give away!
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    Trading is not the right way mate. Try to request the invite. Tell us what content are you after, if you seed back or not, use the forums, everything it could made us think you are a nice guy and deserve our attention. A few screenshots of other trackers or just DE if you don't have anything else.

    Now bitsoup often opens its doors , just keep an eye here: there are also loads of 0day good open for signup trackers. Sorry I cannot recommend you one atm

    And please remember trading is not the right way

    All the best

    That was a joke wasn't it? lol. Looks like I was the only one who phail for it....
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