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Thread: Need some advice, FST!

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    Hey guys,

    I got in a bit of trouble, unfortunately. I traded an invite from one site to another site with a member here, on FST.

    The member reported me for trading to both sites and I was banned from not only the new site, but my original as well.

    I'm really upset/depressed as I always felt that "sharing was caring" but obviously this is not the case.

    I was wondering if there is any way at redemption to either site? I went onto the IRC and that's how I got banned from both so I can't exactly do that...

    I feel bad for what I did, and I feel even worse because I trusted a member here (he had been here a couple of months and posted a few times) and got let down.

    Please advise me, FST, is there anything I can do to make up for this or am I doomed to be banned from both forever? I'd really like to turn a new leaf.


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    sure, tell us your real nick here and we will be glad to help

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    I would but I'm rather ashamed and would rather remain anonymous for now.

    I also use a very similar username for other trackers so I don't want to get in any deeper than I am, somehow.

    Unfortunately, this is how cautious I've become after getting totally stood up through the trade.

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    thats weird I could have sworn most trackers encouraged trading?...oh yea that right, you have no one to blame for that but yourself


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    Not wanting to jump into hasty conclusions, i think you had what you deserved...

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    Yea I understand that I only have myself to blame.

    I don't blame that user. I understand and respect his decision. It has opened my eyes more and made me less naive.

    I will keep his name anonymous so he can continue doing his work.

    The true fact of the matter is that I had an extra invite and wanted to grant someone an opportunity to experience the unique opportunities from that site. I wanted to check what the other site had to offer as well. This was not intended to be malicious in anyway.

    Also, let it be known, that I have always been a good user on all my trackers. I've donated to them all and have kept very good ratio. I've done my best to contribute to the community and help support the sites.

    Blaming/flaming me aside, is there anything I can do? I've already gone through the entire day feeling miserable and regretful; I know i've done wrong.

    I'm pretty determined and willing to do anything in my power to make things right.

    I'd appreciate any advice you could offer me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Just my opinion but there isn't any making things right about it . It's really not like you can recompense the trackers for your actions.
    They gave you a penalty for it and if you cannot not "make it right " then you can at least still " do what's right " and not try to get back in .

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    why not post here his nick ?
    You'd be doing something positive out of the mess you got yourself into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabalo View Post
    why not post here his nick ?
    You'd be doing something positive out of the mess you got yourself into.
    Well, I'm pretty sure that he's a mod in either one of the sites. He never actually used the invite I sent him and I got the axe in under 24 hours.

    I'm pretty sure he's around here looking for people trying to trade and put an end to it to preserve the sites.

    Idol, thanks for the advice. It's true I can not directly repay for my mistakes, I would certainly not try and cheat and get in again.

    I ask though, should I never try and get back in even after a long length of time has passed? I really enjoyed the features and benefits of the site and it's been a great loss. I was hoping that after awhile has passed they would give me another chance.

    Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks for the insight so far.
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    There are a number of rats on this site who pretend they will trade with you. I got burned once or twice two. There is nothing you can do about it.

    Trading is risky I guess.

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