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Thread: Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Full

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    Works gr8 i will be on all day today so get to d/l

    Ghost Recon.exe

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    does it work online = /

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    yupp sure does

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    how many peeps online? cuz when i go to ubisoft they say only 100 people online

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    more than that if i rememeber right i dont play online aint got da time

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    lol...ubi is stupid cuz they list that raven shield has only 1thousand people playing online....i mean it has to be more, the games awesome but i dont wana risk wastin 40 bux u know...

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    on avg you get about 500 peeps on the Ghost Recon lobby
    I love the game, gotta be one of the best multuplayer games out there!


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