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Thread: Copy Vcd To Dvd

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    i have to vcd disc which i would like to put on one dvd how can i do this

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    Originally posted by schunker@29 September 2003 - 18:20
    i have to vcd disc which i would like to put on one dvd how can i do this
    first, you goto software world and ask the question again (or even better search for it as it's prob bin asked b4)

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    First of all, I would simply rip the VCD to MPEG-1, seeing as that was the original format of the video, before it was transferred to CD, and then for it to compatibile with the DVD standards, convert to MPEG-2. I used to have software for ripping VCDs, but I forgot the name of it, but for the second step, use TMPGEnc.

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    firstly, don't post it again in softwareworld.
    Then get the program (S)VCD2DVDMPG and follow the guides.
    The program can be found at:
    Dont forget to get .NET Frameworks available at same address.
    The guides can be found at:

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    If you have an .mpg file on your computer, is there a way to burn it to CD-R and have it work on a DVD player, or do you have to burn it to a DVD-ROM for it to work like that? Also, does it work the same way with .avi files?

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    check here for your stand alone dvd player
    most play svcd or vcd

    the site is been up/down last few dayes
    great site hope they get there sever problems fixed

    you need to convert your movie to mpeg1 (vcd) or mpeg2 (svcd) in order to play in standalone dvd player
    tmpgenc is best


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