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Thread: BTMusic login problem. :(

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    UPDATE EDIT: It works now, problem solved. They had some problems with their database.

    I think my user was deleted because i can't login anymore.
    Any member of Pedro's around here who can help me?
    If it was indeed deleted, then i really don't know what i've done wrong. I had a good ratio there, was an old member (a couple of years) and the last time i've checked the site was around 1 and a half weeks ago...

    The last thing i did was this:

    I had some old albums that i had downloaded from Pedro's some long time ago (and were seeded for a period) and then, at a later time, i removed them from seeding and i moved them to an external hdd. I didn't have enough free space on my main hdd, that's why i had to move them.
    Anyway, after some months, last week i've upgraded my hdd and decided to re-seed my old albums (that were moved to the offline external hdd). So i started to search for them on the btmusic tracker, found them (some of them had no seeds), and Re-Check them all from u-torent. All was fine, the torrents worked again, in uTorent everything was green and on the site (tracker) i was listed as a seeder.

    So basically what i did was to re-seed some old torrents, by downloading their corresponding .torrent files and Re-Check them.

    If this was the reason for ban (if that's the case), i wonder what i did wrong...

    Can anyone help me to get in touch with the admin (or mods) there? Maybe i can clear this...
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    I know, but it asks for my nick and pass. And since they don't work...

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    You probably need the support channel. I don't use flac so I wouldn't know the address, but I'm sure someone else will come along with it

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    Are your torrents still green? Did you try to recover your password?

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    Good news, it worked now. Really strange that it didn't worked earlier, it was saying my mail or user doesn't exist (when i was trying to recover my password).

    After all it seems there was a problem with their database, because on the front page says so: "We had a database glitch overnight and this morning. We are working to re establish our .torrent files that went missing."

    I'm so glad right now that my user still exists.
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