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Thread: Is reliable

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    Hi everyone, i've purshached a dedicated Server from 2 days ago, i haven't get any feedback yet.
    i've sent a message via the website, but no answer.
    So i wanted to know if there is some one who already used them (or using).

    Sorry i made an error on the title (but can't edit).
    Did get scamed??
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    i cant fins that webbpage

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    You drunk? What site is it then because you have a diff. topictitle vs. postcontent

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    i have used them before and they were good. i've signed up again yesterday and not heard anything yet, but i'm patient. i was able to contact them via skype last time i had a problem.

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    well i ordered a server yesterday too from, waiting for setup too..

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    i got signed up in 21 hours and its all good.


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