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Thread: Seedbox help!

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    I have basic knowledge of how they work and am confident of getting it up and running after purchased.

    What i do need some help with though is finding the right one that suits my needs.

    I am after....

    1 week or 1 month shared box, not sure which i will get at this stage.
    100gb storage, or there abouts give or take.
    unlimited bandwidth.
    $50 AU price range.

    Could you guys please point me in the right direction to some reliable servers.


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    213 one who has weekly plans)/

    All three are trusted sellers , buy whatever plan suits you

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    193 is monthly only, we don't do weekly

    My reading isn't so well at 2:30am lol, I'm going to bed.
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    whoswho were you from ?

    now I use

    choose your country:
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