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Thread: I am looking for a web design site

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    Good day everyone,

    I have began some web design projects and am looking for somewhere that I can share some of my web templates, and graphics files in exchange for some new web tamplates. Can anyone recommend a good sharing community that I may join?
    I appreciate any help that you can offer.


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    You could try here.
    You can upload & download, but I don't think there's forum or community. Well non that I've seen.

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    Thank you very much, I will take a look at them. I have a lot of different designs that I would like to share with others, but I have not located a decent community yet. Everyone wants to take, but not share with others. I will give you my feedback on your recommendation later this weekend.
    Thanks again.

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    So I gave that website a visit, and it seems decent, but still not the community type of website that I am looking for. Is there any sites out there similar to this one, that deals with website templates?


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    I have been doing some extra research and low and behold sounds like the place that I am looking for. I see that open registrations are closed, so that leads me to believe that they are a good community that prides themselves on having good members. Is there anyone here that is a member there, and can you please confirm if this would be the place that I am looking for. Secondly, can anyone tell me if they have open sign ups monthly?

    Thank you

  6. File Sharing   -   #6 is great.

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    Thanks for the link codec, I will try to sign up during the open registrations in August. I look forward to seeing what I can offer.

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    I live and breath and respect all things Joomla,If you want a pro looking site with tons of addons,plugins etc then this is for you.
    Did i mention its also free and has a very good help community.
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  9. File Sharing   -   #9 ,i recommended this link for webdesighning community.
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    Thanks for all of the great links and recommendations I really appreciate everyone's help, and look forward to checking them out.

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