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Thread: I think my portable HD may have just died.

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    It kept turning on and off..and now it wont turn back on. Its been doing this since I got it over a year ago...all of my 150GB of music is on it. What can I do? The same music is on my they have software that can backup ipods to computers yet?

    Im really worried about this because this library of music took years to build.

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    Bad news, your drive sounds dead. Good news is, if all your music is on your IPod, will help you put it back on your computer.
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    Question: Is the portable HD in an enclosure?. If its in an enclosure you might try changing to another one, or just hooking it directly to your computer to try and access the data. If that doesn't work, use the other sites that have been posted to get the music off your ipod.

    Good luck


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