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Thread: NZB Sites

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    I took a break from the newsgroup scene using torrents more so than news and I am back full force. (almost)

    There are a few posts here on this subject including a recent one listing a bunch of links. However, many of those links were dead and a lot of the sites that I went to were pretty bad.

    I am a VIP at NZBmatrix. I really like their filtering options, their forums are active, there are tons of comments on a lot of nzb's and they list new stuff pretty quickly. What I like most is that I can sort search results by size, date, number of times it's been downloaded or even number of comments.

    My problem with this site is that the number of matches I get when I do searches is extremely limited than most other sites.

    I have also used They are the opposite. Tons of matches but zero features.

    I'm going to spend the next few days really diving into some of these other sites. I'd really like to know what sites you use and why. Perhaps we can put a pretty productive list together and sticky it.

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    Why don't use us, no offense, but do people not know we have a NZB index or something? is auto indexer, you won't find many comments there though, but it will auto download (via RSS) with SABNZbd.

    NZBRus is pretty good too, there about like us with there comments on some post, are members like to download and run not all but most.

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