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Thread: Your Career Path

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    Just wanted to create this topic as an open discussion. Basically I'm interested in the different careers that people have on the forum, the schooling required, how they arrived at the choice, and if they like it or not.

    I'll start things off:

    -I am a mechanical designer working for an mining engineering firm. Basically I do the layout/mechanical design for all of the equipment and process required in any particular mine.

    -I took a 1 year mechanical design/drafting course at a local technical college.

    -I fell into this path for the money at first, but am sticking with it because it is something that I truly enjoy.

    Feel free to ask any questions, and to please add your own post below.
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    Oh, please...
    I don't believe I could claim my current occupation to be the culmination of any sort of plan or an educational followed from pure circumstance, and I haven't the energy to re-trace the path I followed to get here.

    I suppose I should note I spent much of that time spinning my wheels and walking backward.

    Anyhow, I've always envied those who did it more-or-less by the book.

    I could never find a sustaining formal interest, and so commenced a rather patchy education in females, human specie.

    The particulars need not be recounted here.
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    My career path, such as it is, could never have been planned for and probably couldn't be duplicated.
    Too much "right time, right place" kinda thing.

    As an aside, I can't think of a single contemporary who actually followed through on their planned career...we all ended up doing weird things, unthinkable when we were yoots.
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    i have a degree in business and economics, and ended up as an entrepreneur in the night life entertainment industry.
    Started on it as a part-time to help pay for the university, climbed the ranks in a flash, and suddenly opened a company with a long time friend.
    It's stressing, but you get to know the good side of living, working without a fixed schedule (for the good and for the bad) and having an hell of a fun at the same time.

    As an example, i spent the whole night programming an excel sheet to synchronize the billing at multiple places, stock management, staff, costs, ratios, etc. Google Docs is an excellent tool for sharing spreadsheets.

    and to think that when i was young i didn't even like going out to clubs.
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    im still a student, entering university this fall.

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    I really dont know what to put here...

    I'm a Civil Servant, and as I'm paid so much according to the Daily Mail, I guess that makes the McDonalds 2nd Job a hobby...

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    I'm more carer path.
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    I am top notch surgeon .

    If you want to see my MRCS certificate pm me .

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    I'm hoping to become a lawyer and defend you n00bs when you get sued by the MPAA or the RIAA
    Seriously though, I would like to go to law school and potentially become a criminal lawyer.
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    After getting my PhD in Computer Science, I'd like to go to MIT to get at least a Masters in (mostly linear) Mathematics, which I'll apply to the Computer Science and programming. As for an actual job-type-thing, if I told you, I'd have to kill you. And I've been going to murderers anonymous, and doing quite well.

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