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Thread: Do you really watch all movies that you download from Trackers??

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    Feb 2009
    Do you really watch all movies that you download from Trackers??Many of us here has number of trackers and download exclusive movie and TV packs.We also seed very hard to maintain a good ratio.Are we really wasting our time ???

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    Aha, so you seed these packs and have seen every movie/TV episode in them? I think not.

    Seriously I watch 80-90% of what I download.

    PS: I seed stuff that I don't watch too...
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    I download only those movies which i plan to watch.
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    I download only the things i want to watch

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    i download movies from 2 trackers..
    PTN is ratio free.. so i only need to download the ones i watch and seed for the required time..

    the other one is Goem.. i have enough Freeleech slots to keep me goin for a month

    so, yeah.. i end up downloading movies which i am interested in..and not for the sake of "buffer"

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    Almost all the movies that i downloaded are for watching. I don't see the point of download some thing as big as 1.4gb and not watching it.


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    Yeah I watch almost everything I'm downloading, because of choosing what to down, and not grabbing everything that been upped.

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    Well, it depends on several things:

    I don't like cars and stuff like that, I'm not a fan of Fast and the Furious movies. However, I downloaded that movie because I knew it was going to be popular and would help my ratio.
    I've recently bought a new HDD, so I don't mind downloading a popular movie and seed.

    I usually only download the movies I tend to watch though.

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    Jan 2008
    Sometimes it'll take me months or maybe even years to watch what I had downloaded, and in several cases I've downloaded whole tv seasons and trashed the files before finishing it cause it sucked, but I would never download something without the intention of watching/listening/using it somehow.
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    I always plan to use everything I download, but sometimes I end up not using it after all.

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