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Thread: Requesting SeductionGR for TL, proof of huge ratio

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    I REALLY need this invite because it has a book for college that I need, I can't find it on any other site but TorrentPond reports that seductionGR has it. I usually use my dad's computer at his corperate office to upload to trackers, my home upstream is only about 750 kbps but I will upload from my dad's comp all the time.

    Here is the pic of the only tracker I use, torrentleech.

    Ratio is 3.9XX TB Upload is 3.XX Terrabytes Download is 8XX.XX GB (Mid 800s from 830-880 range)

    I'm not listing full ratio and stuff because last time some guy threatened me to hand over my account other wise he said he'd report me to TL, I got it sorted out though.

    EDIT: No need, it's open signup, thanks all! God Bless
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    then pls close this thread.


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