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Thread: anyone can help me with scc

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    i have a friend that want to invite me to scc but he told me that maybe i will have a problem because i am from israel because some parts of israel are banned not all and he told me that there is a israeli members in scc how i can know if i banned or not i dont want my friend to have any problem help please and a second question can donate to get invite for my self in sct too or they banned il tooo i am waiting anyhelp

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    Go to the SCC IRC channel (listed here), or have your friend do it if you're unable to access it, and ask them if your IP range is banned.

    Israel is banned on ScT, so you're out of luck.

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    Well if ur a PU on waffles,apply for a scc invite out there...and then tell ch^*$@to that ur from israel,most probably he'll let u have access to a scc invite(he's a nice guy)..thats what i did..


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