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Thread: rel. group ALKi & XXW - fade in tracks

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    in last 2 month im listning to rel. from s...e group ALKi & XXW , and 99% of tracks are fade in on begining of song.

    maybe somebody know way is that ?
    are they geting promo stuff that is crippled in the begining ?
    try to contact them but no luck , any info welcome.


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    You tried to contact a group because of fading in/out?

    They source might be the "unfinished" product. I remember in some of the leaked Eminem albums you could hear the plucking of the guitars, which indicated is wasn't authored (not finished).

    Also it depends on how they rip it. Some apps allow you to fade out but it would be very uncommon for a scene group to select this option.

    EDIT: Have you compared with different groups promo cds? Or even get a FLAC rip and see if it fades out?
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    yes almoust 90% of rel. from them are "fade in" first 2-4 beats (not fade out.)
    dont know why they do it that way ?
    can somebody confirm my statment


    and albums also like this one:


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