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Thread: Businesses can get Windows 7 in September

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    Businesses can get Windows 7 in September
    by Ina Fried, July 13, 2009 7:00 AM PDT

    " While most of the attention on Day 1 of Microsoft's partner conference was on the Office side of things, Microsoft did announce two notable pieces of Windows 7 news on Monday.

    The company said that business customers will be able to get Windows 7 ahead of its October 22 retail launch, though they won't be able to get it immediately after the code is finalized. The software maker said that businesses will be able to order Windows 7 from volume licensing partners as of September 1.

    Microsoft also said it will have a limited-time, six-month promotion whereby businesses can get the Windows 7 Professional upgrade at a price discounted 15 percent or more from what Microsoft was charging for Vista upgrades.

    The news comes as Microsoft prepares to finalize the operating system later this month.

    However, a new survey suggests that although many businesses have yet to move to Vista, they may not jump to Windows 7 either. In a survey with more than 1,000 IT administrators sharing their plans, Quest Software's ScriptLogic found that nearly six in 10 have no current plans to move to Windows 7. "


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    Microsoft needs to realize that XP is just far too ingrained in business.

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    same happened with Windows 2000 when migrating to Windows 2003 on the server branch.
    Companies invest a lot of money on licenses, and deploy their networks based on them, therefore renewing the OS of several workstations and servers all at once is a massive cost.


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