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Thread: Keeping torrents and files hidden from prying eyes

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    Ok, I have been surfing the forums and generally trying to learn more about p2p. I have used BTjunkie and Vuze with some success. Looking to probably switch over to uTorrent or run both. I have a much older Dell Optiplex GX400, P4 1.7Ghz, WinXP SP2, with only 512Gb Ram. It has a 40Gb system drive but I am adding a second drive for storage.

    My concern – I on occasion download adult content and I absolutely want it to remain private from all eyes. (I do have an XP logon password and the other users do not have admin rights so no real concern about them accessing my data). What I want to be able to do is use one iteration of Vuze or utorrent for adult content only and a second for everything else. This way I can use the second with family and guests (me using) without worrying about what they might see.

    Right now I know that when I find a torrent to download, it automatically opens Vuze and begins. Since I have not experimented with two programs yet, I am assuming that as long as I first open Vuze or uTorrent, that it will automatically be the client the torrent downloads to. I really want to be 100% sure. I am also assuming that running two separate iterations is the only way to keep the content separate. Am I right?

    Is there anything else I need to be aware of to make this work?

    P.S. I am really enjoying reading and learning from the forums and tutorials but it is all still a little overwhelming. So much to learn and so little brain to cram it all into! Appreciate all out there who are smarter than me (everyone?) and willing to share. Thanks!

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    Here is what i once used to do:

    >>install utorrent.

    >>run utorrent and on that first run when its asks you whether to use it as the default application to open torrents proceed to say no.

    >>Now go to preferences -->general and go to where it talks about a bosskey,set one for your client and then exit this menu(its self explanatory).

    >>go to the downloads directory menu and set it to something else(change it from the default option).

    >>Still on the general preferences option,deselect the start utorrent on startup option.

    >>Save changes and exit utorrent.

    >>Go to the install folder and rename it also proceed to rename utorrent to something else(my preference used to be N0D32 the antivirus program<--notice the zero instead of "O" in N0D32?).

    >>right click on the utorrent(now so called N0D32)icon and select the create shortcut option.

    >>After creating the shortcut right click on it and select properties.Once on properties select the change icon option and when the navigation dialog appears,go to the install folder of the real NOD32 antivirus program and select an icon from there.

    >>You'll notice the utorrent(N0D32) shortcut has a new icon that doesn't have anything closely related to utorrent.

    >>still on the shortcut properties,you'll need to edit the path to the utorrent .exe(which now reads as N0D32.exe).Its really simple,along the given path just hit space then /HIDE(should look something like C:\path\pathtoutorrentwhichnowreadsaspathtoN0D32\N0D32.exe /HIDE).This step is necessary for the bosskey to work(for utorrent to run anonymously)

    >>save the changes and exit this dialog.

    >>Cut this shortcut and paste it in the start up programs menu(start menu-->programs-->startup).after pasting it,you can right click on it and make it hidden too though this sometimes phails to work.This steps ensures that utorrent will still continue to run anonymously when you or somebody else turns your PC off then on again.

    >>Now go to the directory which you created as your download location and make that folder hidden too.

    >>Now manually load your farm porn<!--ts okay ,rename them if you want to,activate the bosskey and let the beasty stuff leech .You won't even notice whether u have utorrent installed on your PC.If you want to view progress of your downloads,hit your bosskey combination and utorrent will appear,hit it again to return to hidden leech mode.

    Let the kids play with the shiny vuze all they want.


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