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Thread: Archive as Folder for Seeding Archived Files

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    Windows explorer automatically treats a .zip file as a folder, right? You can select a file at a time from that archive without decompressing the entire thing. It think this is called "non-solid" archiving. Anyway, is there a client or a program that treats archives as folders so that you can create a torrent of separate files instead of seeding the entire archive? I'm looking for one that would seed each file in an archive individually without having to extract that archive. This would save me space while also providing the swarm access to each file individually, so I would like to see it implemented. I hope I explained myself fully, thanks.
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    I'm not 100% sure what you mean, but if you simply decompress the archive and put all of the files in a folder, you can seed just that and in certain clients like utorrent you can choose to only download certain files of the torrent.
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