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Thread: Good Deal?

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    sorry guys, we get these so much, but i just want some pplz opoion and to prove to my mom its good deal

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    I wouldn't for some good deals
    and i found this site, got some good deals

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    Well, actually I'm not that impressed.
    I just saw a Thermaltake case with a comparable mobo, 7(seven&#33 case fans with variable speed controller, temp displays, 420 watt Thermaltake PSU for about $30 less at the MicroCenter.

    If you could find something locally, you would save the $45 shipping.

    With the case you are showing you'll have to buy the PSU AND some more case fans...
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    looks like a good deal to a lan game place i have in my town they have those cases...and while cheap they seem very high quality to me

    oh yeah...and the lights are bad asssss the front ones change colors and shit...its tight
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    i think its a good deal, it just looks better wit the lights, it says all is include cept hdd,cd-rom,mem and vido card...which all together should cost bou 200-300, plus i got a moniter and all that

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    yea forget the fack you could get even better parts cheaper
    the case has the light
    di you even price the parts @ egghead?

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    i dont plan on alot of overclocking or cooling, i live in the basement, and i live in the northern usa...


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