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Thread: Mafia Crash

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    ok I downloaded Mafia.CD 1 2 3.FairLight.ShareReactor.BIN I crash during loading times like first time after 1st mission, loading of running man, and second time, the loading of first mission.
    Is this just the image is bad or Im I doing something wrong..?
    fyi. I converted the bin to iso so I can put it as a image easier on DAEMON tools
    I think I did all the cracks and serial right

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    I had the same problem untill i updated it..get the update patch

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    I did it but after I patched it, the crack didn't work anymore. what should I do?

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    Go to and look for the crack that goes with the update.

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    Yes get the updated crack.....or you can play many games loaded on Daemon Tools without the crack if you have all emulation options checked


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