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Thread: New Revolutions Trailer

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    have u guys seen the new revolutions trailer? got it off fileplanet. and , imho, it (revolutions) does not look to promising or that good. But it does seem to have a lot of battling on the surface of the earth with the machines. spoiler>>>

    neo goes to the "head" machine and says he'll destroy agent smith because he is (smith) out of the machine's control and has the same powers as neo. that really doesn't make sense: neo helping the machines when the machines are about to wipe out zion? okay, just tell me what u guys think the movie will be like. honestly, it's gonna be good and bad, just the way i like em .

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    IMHO, the new trailer is unbefuckinglievable. When the Reloaded trailer first came out it was probably the single coolest trailer of all time, even though the movie itself did not measure up to the expectations I got from the trailer. Now I think the Revolutions trailer surpasses the Reloaded trailer and I have my fingers crossed that the third film will live up to or surpass the original movie, because even though Reloaded was good, it was not up to the standards I was expecting from it.

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    i second that...about the revolutions trailer and the reloaded movie. IMHO, reloaded was good, but it looked too deliberate, the actions scenes did not seamlessly blend with the story as the original one did. the party dance scene looked out of place and deliberate too. the freeway sequence was awesome but the characters seemed not to have that much prouble negotiating it as was advertised [trinity, 'you said it was suicide'. morpheus, 'then lets just hope i am wrong'.] in contrast, in the original matrix, the agents WERE as deadly as advertised.

    i hope that the conclusion is as superb as the start. the wachowski bros owe us that much.

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    Old news seen it almost a month ago.


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