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Thread: Your favourite HD release group 1080p

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    Can u guys rank the quality of the HD movies released by the different groups. occasionally movies are released by multiple groups and it'd be nice to know which is best for quality.
    I'd rate from what I've read about groups -
    #1 EuReKa
    #3 CtrlHD .
    I saw the same movie encoded by EuReKa and DON ...Now DON had a higher video bitrate and file size than the eureka .Does that mean better quality or am I missing something like the codecs each use .
    Perhaps Eureka Vs Don ? What are your thoughts?

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    Eureka and Esir are my top choice. I also have some Infamous (720p) releases that are also nice.
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    So many different factors go into encoding films, it's hard to say which films have a better quality by those groups you mentioned. They are all top notch in my book. If you feel the quality is good for you, that's all that matters. Many of my movies are EuReKA, ESiR, DON as well.

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    There really isn't much of a difference between each groups releases(that I can see at least) to really put one above the rest. But Eureka has always been my favorite, only because I've grabbed the most of their releases.


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