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Thread: Russell Brand (Actor)

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    Did anybody love his performance in Bedtime Stories? Apparently he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall as Aldous Snow

    I'm trying to look for some movies of him that are funny, like in bedtime stories.
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    I find Brand quite funny but seriously I took my niece to see Bedtime Stories and it was the literally worst piece of garbage that I have ever seen.

    If you liked that sort of thing though he has a small part in St Trinian's which also is bad but at least features nubile women.

    And not that you care but in St Trinian's he plays a character named Flash Harry which is a reference to (Captain) Harry Flashman from the classic novel Tom Brown's Schooldays( also a movie but the TV miniseries was much better) or the later Flashman novels ( or film with Malcolm McDowell which was a lot of fun) all of which are infinitely better than anything else mentioned here.

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    Had a very small part in Penelope (2006), great movie with Christina Ricci, a romantic comedy with fantasy elements.

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    I think that Russell is over-hyped

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    yes he is doing good


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