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Thread: which seedbox do you recommend?

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    im looking to try using a seedbox in the 10-20 dollar range/month.
    im looking for higher upload speeds, at least 1mb/s.
    any suggestions?

    ive did some research, adn since im new to seedboxes, i just have a couple questions.

    when they say 50gb hdspace, does that mean i can only have 50gb worht of stuff in the harddrive?
    when they say only 3active torrents, does that mean i can only have 3 torrents dling and uling at the same time? and if i want more, i have to stop one?

    which ui is best for a mac? also i live in canada


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    UI for MAC don;t matter since UI is on server and not on client.

    x active torrents is indeed: maximum 3 torrents downloading OR seeding OR both and stop any other/excess running torrents

    Dedi-machines (like resellers @ OVH) sell you a machine with 250GB HDD but you only got roughly 200GB for storage, rest is OS. VPS/shared boxes are almost 100% the storage you see on the seller-site.

    If you wanna give it a try, I think the advertisement-section looks good or give Xirvik, or a try... Low price, short contract...

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    thansk for your input when i set up a seedbox, will the company go through with it for me? im new to this, so itd help if they did show me how to go about setting it up, dling torrents, uploading torrents to trackers, etc...

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    I've had good luck with If you know what you're doing the VPS plans are nice. Otherwise just get a seedbox plan. I have the VPS account for $22.50 per month and am quite happy with it.

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    try these i got my box within 15 mins and i had no problems maxing out the speeds at both upload and download.

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    I second They are Mac friendly, and Deluge/wtorrent work great. If you want you can install uTorrent as well. Thumbs up for them and they have a nice support forum and IRC.

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    i'm using feralhosting
    good speeds, good support (irc live support as well) for a fair price (< 20). 150gb of space and unlimited torrents. Has web interface and shell access.
    Check it out. Can get easily 40MB/s on a well seeded torrent.

    Also tried Don't recommend them. Slow support, very low speeds because they share a box with 15 users.

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    I'm using ultraseed and seedboxup.

    Ultraseed just told me that the plan they put on the web is wrong... Economy 4 is under 200mbps line and economy 1-3 is under 100mbps line and i bought economy 3 which is only 5 bucks cheaper than economy 4. I only got 2.5 mb/sec dl and up only 1-600 kb/sec..

    I suggest don't buy from ultraseed.

    Seedboxup is cheap and the speed is good too. I just got an account with them but can't say anything right now.. Need to test some more..

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    Quote Originally Posted by FransTormer View Post

    Dedi-machines (like resellers @ OVH) sell you a machine with 250GB HDD but you only got roughly 200GB for storage, rest is OS. VPS/shared boxes are almost 100% the storage you see on the seller-site.
    For VPS if you get 25 GB disk that means you have roughly 20GB of free space (depending on OS and which panel you chose).

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    I'd be able to give you the following for the price of $20.

    Processor: Athlon, 2.80+ GHz
    RAM: 2GB DDR2
    Connection: 100MBiT
    OS: TorrentFlux-b4rt
    Number of torrents: Unlimited
    Space: 50GB
    Bandwidth: Unlimited
    Instant setup: Yes

    Note: I could give you more space for a little extra.

    It's dedicated, I wouldn't mind hosting you in for a cheap price as I could use the money myself.

    PM me if you are interested.

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