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Thread: HDStar Request

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    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone had a HDStar invite to spare. My understanding is that the tracker has Mandarin Subtitles on their uploads which is exactly what I'm after. If you do have an invite to spare, please pm and I'll send you some links to my stats. Thanks.

    Edit in; If anyone knows of any tracker that has traditional Chinese subtitles on their uploads of 0 day material and packs, please let me know.

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    You just missed the open sign-up with whole site freeleech in HDStar which started from July 9 and ended in Jul 17.
    Most of Chinese HD trackers included the chinese subtitle with the upload either in simplified or traditional Chinese.
    With simplified Chinese you can use ConverZ to easily convert it to traditional Chinese.
    Or if you just want to search the Chinese subtitle, you can try

    I think the most top rated Chinese HD tracker by now should be HDChina and CHDBits.
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    Thanks for the reply, tufu1019. I noticed just after I posted that I missed the open sign ups and freeleech! I was surprised not to see anything offered in that what pu invites section as well.

    I will look into your suggestions as well, although I'm really not interested in HD, but rather your standard 350 caps of zero days, and the odd pack.

    Thanks for your suggestions.


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