HI there looking for some help.
Have Kimsufi L with OVH with Ubuntu 8.04 - everything running smoothly for 8 months & then lost access.
I've followed the OVH instruction as best I can in rescue mode then mounted drive & USB drive, switched back to HDD boot & evennetboot using network kernel but cannot access server through putty or nxclient.
getting timeout...
anyone experienced using this before, I read somewhere it may be something to do with firestarter blocking all ports...
Not got a clue & OVH haven't been very helpful so far.
I was going to post on their forum but after registering I am in queue for approval before posting.
If someone has any experience in this it would be appreciated getting back on line.
I am now in my 3rd day of going absolutely crazy, this is a final attempt for help & if cant fix will cancel & order another server & take a hit on the 600GB of data that I will be losing...