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Thread: in a quandary lost about 50GB need invites so i can get the data back

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    hi team , im in a quandary i lost about 50GB of data on a USB HDD due to a crash and am looking to get some of the data back.

    what i want mostly are 2 DVDs full DVD9

    Insanity DVD: The Second Apocalypse Ketsui

    Insanity DVD: The Starting over Hyper Street Fighter II

    if anyone knows where i can get these again it would be much appreciated i enjoyed them alot till i lost them


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    You might be interested in the sites discussed here:

    If I remember correctly, signups are open on the weekend or maybe it was only Sunday.

    I had no luck finding the titles you were looking for. I tried quite a few sites.

    Good luck!
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