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Thread: A movie junkies dream come true

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    usb storage device to tv. I am the proud owner the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

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    the popcorn hour owns all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sickest View Post
    the popcorn hour owns all.
    Agreed.. Popcorn Hour is far and away the best media player of this kind.

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    Only $70? Hmm. I was thinking of getting TiVo because my ISP offers it unmetered.
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    I thinking of purchasing the Western Digital one.

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    I have a eSATA 2.5" portable drive (much faster than USB), but it seems that neither the WD or the PopcornHour support eSATA

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    I have the WD media player. It works very well. It will occasionally have an issue passing through very high bitrate DTS, say on an ESiR release, but otherwise, it plays everything one could throw at it perfectly.

    The issue I have with it is that sometimes it takes 2-3 tries to have the HD mount. Once mounted it's great, but it seems to be very picky about when you plug the USB drive in and then it takes a few minutes to mount the drive and scan the files.

    I'm very impatient though so I will probably get an HTPC or Popcorn Hour soon. This was just a gateway drug I bought on a whim when I grabbed a new surround sound set.

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    So its only output is HDMI, yet it can only handle SD video.

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    It comes with basic component output cords, but I use the HDMI to my tv and optical audio to my speakers.


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