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Thread: Help installing uTorrent + Wine on Debian 5

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    I'm renting a dedicated server, which comes pre-installed with Debian 5; my problem is that Wine simply does not work - I keep receive the same error "Cannot execute binary file".

    I have the latest Wine, albeit still unstable, installed, and I am pointing to the utorrent.exe...

    What am I doing wrong to get this error? Even better would be if someone could post direct instructions on how to.
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    Try these steps in terminal:

    apt-get remove wine
    apt-get build-dep wine

    tar xvjpf wine-1.1.7.tar.bz2

    cd wine-1.1.7/

    ./configure && make && make install

    wine --version

    Check for 1.17 and you're good to go.

    wine utorrent.exe

    This is taken from Naq's guide in the tutorial section. Alternatively you can get version 0.9.25 of wine from here


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