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Thread: Possible to ask for certain files to be put on emule?

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    I'm new to here, been with emule awhile. There are certain music files I've been looking for awhile, and some that were there but never finished. Where can I ask others for particular files?

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    in forums devoted to emule i guess..
    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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    Can't do it there. That's why I'm asking here lol

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    Why can't you? Just try it... a few forums are devoted to sharing requests only.

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    Touchstone-Wintercoast, Gallery-Jas Gripen, any Ken Baird, David Wallimann-Deep inside the Mind, Land of Chocolate, Resonsnce Room,Madrigal-On my Hands, Andrew Bordoni, Fourteen Feet,Days Between Stations, Troy Donockley, Don Schiff-Peering over Clouds, Bonebag-Noli Me Tangere, Tha Hades Band, The Chair, Breathing Space-Coming up for Air,Milos Craving, Pocketful-Sparkling, Waking the Witch, Persephones Dream-Opposition, Fluxury, Marshall Tucker-The Next Adventure,Idlewheel, Hillbilly Prophets, Fall of Echoes, Groves, Rick Miller, Rick Ray Band, Any Jeremy cd's, Ancient Stone-Ringing Ring, any US cd's, Ampera-A Vulcanized Mingle, The Merlin Bird, Outformation, Shades of Dawn-The Dawn of Time-From Dusk Till Dawn, Total Eclipse-Spellcaster, Winters Dawning, Grand Stand-In the Middle,On the Edge-------------------------I could use all these in mp3. Thanks
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    You can take a look on this forum

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    I guess my putting those files there might let others know I'd like to see them on emule. I didn't see anything to help on that forum.


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