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Thread: Torrentleech suspicious request

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    So I've been a power user at TL for like 2 years now, and I've pretty much been the perfect member. Today I try to log in, and I find that I have been disabled. So, I head over to the irc chan and ask whats going on.

    At this point, some chan mod tells me that I have been disabled by the admin and I need to send my ip addy along with the last 5 files I've snatched to

    This all seems very suspicious to me. Why would the admin of TL want my ip and snatch list when they can already see it? This on top of the fact that I did nothing to warrant being disabled has me very skeptical.

    Any thoughts?

    Edit: Sigh, I realize I posted in the wrong section, please delete this.
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    Try the BT support section. Can't see any harm in it. As you said, they have your info already. They probably want to make sure you are the original account holder.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pone44 View Post
    2 years is a long time to be inactive. I would guess that is why you were disabled.
    I read his post three times, no where did I see that he was inactive for two years...

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    If you invited someone that cheats, you get disabled.. happend to me a year ago.. perfect stats etc.. but no they deleted me instant with cheater.


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