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Thread: Torrentleech suspicious request

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    So I've been a power user at TL for like 2 years now, and I've pretty much been the perfect member. Today I try to log in, and I find that I have been disabled. So, I head over to the irc chan and ask whats going on.

    At this point, some chan mod tells me that I have been disabled by the admin and I need to send my ip addy along with the last 5 files I've snatched to

    This all seems very suspicious to me. Why would the admin of TL want my ip and snatch list when they can already see it? This on top of the fact that I did nothing to warrant being disabled has me very skeptical.

    Any thoughts?

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    Most likely to prove that you are the owner of the account. It's not really something to be suspicious of..

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    They smell a trade, I guess.
    If you can provide what they asked for youŽll be fine.

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    If that happened to me, I don't think I could remember the last 5 things i downloaded from any one specific site..

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    that seems to be a bit odd to me.. if they suspected the account of trade, then why not just say so..? i would go back and ask to speak with a staffer directly.. some sites have FLS that really cannot help you in these matters that are IRC mods.. and some have users that may be Valued trusted members as IRC MODs also that actually have nothing to do with anything site related, just IRC stuff only.. those people like to think they have authority but, actually don't.. if you still have questions always insist on speaking to a actual staffer.. not FLS or IRC support..
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    No need if he emails that address and at least has the same IP as the original account and can remember a few of his last downloads.
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    Well if its an admin (and make sure it is) I wouldn't see it as anything too suspicous. Its probably like everyone else said, looking for authentication of some sort.


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