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Thread: What Torrent Sites Do You Use?

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    This is a serious attempt to make a respectful, on-topic and friendly thread. I've created a few thread rules. Please follow them - they are there for a reason. To keep the thread free from spam, flaming eachother and childish posts.

    One post each
    , including how many/which trackers you belong to.
    No trolling. No elitism. No stupidity. No off-topic.

    If a tracker wants to be kept secret then don't mention it in this thread!

    Please try to avoid discussion. Make a serious post related to the topic and please respect the thread guidelines.

    Posts going against the rules will be reported.

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    You and your generic, dull as fuck threads again.

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    No stupidity?
    I'm out...
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    Right now I'm using SCT. I'm seeding two torrents. I was using FTN, but they are missing too many x264 movies lately and late to the party on the ones they do get. I was also using PTM but their auto h&r warning system is a pain in the balls.

    Tangentially, I'm not sure you can report posts for breaking your thread rules. "Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Duplicate reports are merged and ONLY the first poster has access to view it."

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    Should I list them or make a story like realityhd, Qlix?
    Sorry for off-topic.

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    That's up to you.

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    Well, atm I am using
    ScT - for my general 0day needs and for some packs
    TT - atm FL there, so I can leech everything I've ever wanted
    SqN - it's new, promising music tracker and I am giving it a try
    What - for my non-scene music needs

    What about you, Qlix?


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