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Thread: Riaa - Suing Only Music Downloaders?

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    Hi im wondering that if by the most unpossible matter you do get caught by RIAA and get sued, are they suing people downloading and uploading Music? or also Videos? Which include Films, music videos, software, pornography related matter. Etc.

    Lemme know,


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    It isn't just RIAA that's hunting for copyright violators.

    The others are just doing it on a MUCH smaller scale (for the most part, with exception of latest movie releases by MPAA) and generally give takedown notices instead of suing. A takedown notice is a threat of suing IF you don't take down the offending copyright violator ASAP (ASAP = about 2 business days or less). Your ISP may threaten (or actually carry through with its threat) of disconnecting your internet service if you receive 3 or more takedown notices.

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    RIAA is music based.

    thats why there is the MPAA, movie based.


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