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Thread: OMG Ebay sale of the year!

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    I got B& for linking to an ebay sell site
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    Yes I did. Turned out to be a scammer.

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    "No invites included"

    I bought a bad Demonoid invite off ebay years ago.
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    it says no invites included what the hell is he selling again didn't get it

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    I just got it, its a guide telling you how to get into trackers. Very interesting

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    go and buy it then

    ps judging by the size he wrote that no invite included thing i don't expect anything good loll prolly will say go and lick admin balls or smthng like that
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    Books on EBay on how to get into private trackers. Dumbass idea to put anything to do with BT on Ebay.
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    Lol'd at the "No invites included" text size.

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    Nice... Great idea. This guy probably made a shit load of money already.


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