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Thread: Kimsuf L vs XL vs 2XL

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    I used to have a L series(starter 1) server from Network - Kimsufi) and I should say I was so happy with it. due to financial problem I had to disconnect my subscription. now I'm thinking about getting another server again, but the only debate I have is whether should I go with another L series or spend that bit extra and get the XL or 2XL.

    would there be any major difference? I'm the only one using the server, upload and downloading from TL,SCS,TvT,FL... maybe running 7-12 torrents at the same time max. making torrents on the server and unrar/unzipping files.

    I should mention, I never had speed issue with the L series, only in unraring process I want to kill myself. other than that everything was fine.

    which one you guys recommend ?
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    Couldn't be happier with my SuperPlan Mini. Yeah, it's a bit more expensive than your suggestions but with the drives configged in RAID0, there is sooo much more speed to be gotten with unrarring and making torrents.

    Only waiting for peeps to comment on "RAID0 is not safe and so on..."; chances on happening are very very slim and OVH responds quite quickly to drive failures.

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    OP if ur based in canadia cant u order directly ?


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