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Thread: Samsung Emailed Me Back....

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    SW-640B is not on our product list.

    Please check your modelcode.
    -Delete all recoding program and virtual-drive program.
    And then please install Bundle S/W program and check whether your drive is recognized or not in Bundle S/W program.

    If it does not work, delete Bundle S/W program and follow below steps.

    ¨ç Start Windows-> Click Run and input "regedit" -> HKEY_Current_User -> Software-> find all deleted programs's folder and delete all and reboot compute.
    ¨èStart Windows-> Click Run and input "regedit" -> HKEY_Local_Machine -

    >Software -> delete all deleted program's folder.

    If your problem is same, please give more details of your problem.

    K, for one, I don't understand what they are trying to say, and two SW-640B must be their product if my computer says it is that model number. God, can anyone help me?

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    I have no idea what you are talking about either. Is this a follow up to a previous thread? If so, why not post this there?

    Anyhow, take the drive out of its bay and get the model number of the casing.


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