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Thread: Video memory question

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    my computer has onboard video which only goes as high as 32 meg and i need 64 meg is there any way to solve this without putting in a video card. The game wants a 64meg pci to work, if i have to put a video card in can it be either pci or agp?

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    Nope! there is no way. Some video cards are set to borrow system memorry but I guess yours doesn't have that option!

    Why wouldn't you want to upgrade that crappy video card. I bet you could get a much better video card for like $40. Unless it's a notebook. Then that might cost a lot more.

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    Check in the BIOS.
    Some, maybe all , motherboards let you change the amount of memory dedicated to video to preset amounts. But it's not likely that it's set to anything but the highest setting already but it's worth a shot to check it out.

    You can use a PCI or AGP card. Whatever will fit your motherboard... If you're not sure tell us the model number.

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    While you are about it, tell us how much memory you've got installed. It's possible that the system won't let you allocate more than a certain proportion of the available memory.
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    I might just put my video card into her computer and update mine and solve all problems.


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