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Thread: Looking for BCG or other gaming trackers to rebuild my ratio/reputation

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    I've been occupied with RL to maintain my BCG account, and last month when I finally found time to look up a new game, my account couldn't be accessed anymore. I still remember my user/pass & generated keyword too!

    I was previously a power user (account name was lufenize if others are able to look up my history, provided that the account hasn't been purged yet). It's a shame that BCG was the only private tracker I used over the many years, so I have nothing else to back up my history as a responsible user.

    I was a fan of the seed point system, since I'm just a Comcast cable user without some kind of seedbox. I have no idea how a seedbox works, but I digress. There wasn't much pressure to keep my ratio high, I can just leave uTorrent running for a long time and I'll be ok.

    So that's my story. Please let me know if you have an invite available to any private trackers (BCG is probably expecting too much) so I can start the rebuilding.

    - L

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    umm...might be better off giving this info to a mod in their IRC



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