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Thread: Is it possible to seed the sam efile on multiple private trackers at the same time?

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    For example, say I frequent trackers A, B and C.
    Is it possible to make a torrent, a single torrent consisting of the exact files X, which can be seeded on all 3 trackers at the same time without interfering on each other? As in, without the other trackers knowing of each others presence (I assume it'd be a problem, since they are private????)? If possible, does this kill resources?

    I'm thinking I'd have to make, in this case, 3 separate torrents each with the specific tracker and treat each separately. Thoughts?


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    If you are a user of Utorerent, double click on one of the torrents.
    And a box will appear, as you can see from the sceenshot.
    If the file you want to seed on different trackers Is the same, then copy and past the announce URL.
    Into the box.

    But many the private trackers frown on such actions, and If they find you doing It you could end up with a warning. Or even a ban.

    There several ways to seed the same file, this Is just one of them.
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    Why is this in the request section?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pone44 View Post
    Why is this in the request section?
    Request section? I thought I posted it in the BitTorrent section.

    anyway, thanx for the responses guys. I am using rTorrent, so I assume the steps are much different.

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    I just grab the torrent file was each tracker I use one by one and make the download path the same for all of them. As I usually pick up untouched scene releases, uTorrent then checks the file and starts seeding.

    Then all I do is sort them out my tracker grouping them from where I got them from, say RevTT or TL. As far as I know this means they're completely separate. The download paths are just the same and they're both seeding the same files.

    I don't know how much this applies to rTorrent though.

    So yeah, in a nutshell just grab the .torrent file from the different trackers and make sure the download path is the same for all of them.

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    ive always wondered stuff like this too, because say you download a torrent from TL, then you goto a different one, and download the same torrent into the Utorrent and it says something like "This already exsists, add tracker to the list?" or something like that. im wondering if you can do that, and seed the release to multiple trackers as bandwidth demands and not have them know yer seeding multiple. i dont have knowledge on how the packets work in bit torrent technology, it seems as if the packets designated for site A would goto site A and B to B without interfearing with each other...

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    I dont think you want to do yes to "This already exsists, add tracker to the list". This used to happen to me, but now it just checks and seeds it separately as long as I am pointing to the same directory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkitZoo View Post
    Yes, it is possible.. but the content of the files should be same. I do multiple seed to revtt, tl and many countless others. I can explain you the way I do. For example, download a torrent from TL;
    lets say it is; I_Love_You_Man_DVDRip_XviD-DASH.torrent
    Grab it and wait till it finishes.
    Then you'll see "I.Love.You.Man.DVDRip.XviD-DASH" folder with its files in it in where you download your torrents from utorrent(or any other client)
    Then in the same folder copy that folder and rename it, like
    ... 2 different folders with same files in it.. then grab the torrent link from RevTT. When you're adding it to utorrent, add "-RevTT" to the name shown in it. As seen in the picture below;

    In Downloads folder (or wherever you download your torrents) there are 2 seperate folders with the same content in
    I.Love.You.Man.DVDRip.XviD-DASH (You're seeding to TL from here) and
    I.Love.You.Man.DVDRip.XviD-DASH-RevTT (You're seeding to RevTT from here)

    I do this all the time to countless trackers. Hope that helps. Next time you might want to try "Bittorent" section for asking such questions. This is wrong thread.
    No this is pointless, there is no reason to have the file twice. All you do is download the file from whatever site first.

    Then go to the second site and download it like you normally would, then you must point your client to the exact folder that the files are in. If you do this wrong it will redownload the whole thing.

    I dont see any reason why this wouldnt work in rtorrent and with this method there is no reason for the trackers to care. You are doing nothing wrong and they have no way of knowing anyways.

    People do this all the time on sites that aren't first with pre's. Thats why on somewhere like TL on something popular you will get a ton of seeds right away.

    A lot of them are people jumping on trying to help their ratios.

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    What do you mean they won't know? They'll know instantly when you start seeding without actually downloading anything. For some trackers this will be fine but others may have an issue with it read the rules or just ask a staff member if its ok first.

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