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Thread: Due To The Failure Of Which Of These Components

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    Video Card



    Hard drive



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    luckily i've never had any hardware fail
    you may want to add motherboard though
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    its gotta be the mouse 4 me, i get logitech every time

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    Livy's Avatar Simpleton
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    Mar 2003
    in 4 years, ive had 3/4 ball mice, and one optical fail, the optical one because the wire split after about a year an a half.
    and one hdd fail after about 3 year, though it may still be useable

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    Yeah, ball mice here too. I had to use a particularly crap ball mouse last week, i do not miss them one bit- optical is the way to go.

    Otherwise, i had one dvddrive go &#39;funny&#39;, causing my system to hang at detecting ide devices. And a PSU, although that&#39;s not on your list, which died in a puff of smoke. Finally i had to replace a cpu fan that was sounding a bit dodgy.

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    On my 3rd HDD in 2yr, under warr. thanks. Edit: And 1 PSU.

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    4 mobos in 1 year... lol..

    Was under warranty, still have some probs but nothing a pencil under the network card cannot fix lol...

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    Livy's Avatar Simpleton
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    Mar 2003
    oh yeah, ive had 3 cdroms go in 4 years too

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    ball mice suck never going back to them
    had 2 sets of ram fail on 2 different computers in 4 years other than that any failures have been my fault

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    With mice, you get what you pay for. I&#39;ve only ever had 1 mouse fail, and that&#39;s because I stood on the cable. But the usual problem with mice is keeping the ball AND the rollers clean. Occasionally I find it necessary to dismantle the mouse to clean the accumulated gunge off the rollers, but other than that it&#39;s just a case of occasionally washing the ball in warm soapy water.

    Interestingly, one of the biggest causes of failure with mice is wax, usually caused by some kind thinking person deciding that the mouse mat would be much better if it was occasionally cleaned with furniture polish. Cleaning that stuff off your mouse mat and the ball/rollers can be a nightmare.

    Apart from that, the only component failures I can remember (on my own systems) have been a hard drive and a power supply.
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