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Thread: Wine + Utorrent = Torrents take time to start leeching (5-10 minutes)

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    Server: Kimsufi L
    OS: Debian 5.0
    Utorrent: 1.8.3
    Wine: 1.1.25 from

    Guide used:

    I'm having a strange bug in all trackers, I add the torrents to utorrent fine (no errors anywhere) but the trackers only list me as a leecher (and the torrents only start) after a few minutes (5-10).

    The only thing I changed from the OVH server / config is that I added one of those OVH USB 500GB disks, and changed the filesystem to LVM so that I could have both disks show together at /home/ as big disk

    I don't know why this is going on.

    One thing I know is that when I stop all other torrents (for example now i had 150) and start the new one, it starts right away with no problems!

    Thanks for reading.

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    well,i dunno for sure,but for me it sounds more a utorrent settings problem,you should check those first

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    Wonder what settings... I just reset using the speed guide to the default settings for a 100mbit connection.

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    running 150 torrents on 1 gig of ram is not the best idea, no wonder yr torrents are not starting, limit active torrents to 10 or max 15, ram has read the torrents to hdd for writing , if you are running 150 if will crash your box . kimi l is not made for this.

    as for leecher , dude when you are downloading the tracker will list you as leecher, after the d/l finihes and tracker updates, then it will show you in seeders list.

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    So what's wrong with linux native clients?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ovisan View Post
    So what's wrong with linux native clients?
    I can't work in text mode!

    And wtorrent sucks, I can't see it handle 1000+ torrents

    ntorrent requires java and I really don't want to install it! They could make a alternative package with files needed or something.

    Utorrent let's me use labels, and saves torrents to /tracker/ folders when they are completed. And I could say a lot more stuff that utorrent does.


    EDIT: I think setting max connections to 6660 fixed it lol
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