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Thread: Russian sites similar to

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    Hi guys and girls of fst want to ask u if there are any russian trackers similar to torrents ru in content and member number

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    ПС здесь работает Русская раскладка :Ъ
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    thx for suggestions

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    lol, don't think that something as huge as is hiding
    actual answer is no, there are no trackers in russia that have THAT many members and torrents, even close.

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    in your sWaRm
    How about the site that ELEKTR14KA used to release their stuff on?closed or?
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    sez, they're at now as far as i know (hopefully I don't watch translated stuff). No invites/regs there at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blam View Post
    ПС здесь работает Русская раскладка :Ъ
    blam do u know any good russian pron site or anything similar to ?

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    I have a question about'm unable to find anywhere on this site to post a new thread, so I'll post here. states that my rating is too low and I'm unable to download more files until I share some. Before I figured that out, I clicked on a link that showed me all my previous downloads in a list -- I deleted all of them from the list, thinking maybe that would fix the problem. Now I realize I simply need to seed files, but I worry that deleting that list will somehow prevent the site from realizing that I'm seeding and restoring my rating level. Or do they do this through my IP only? Please help!


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