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Thread: Connect Pc To Tv

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    I wanna connect my pc to my tv. What sort of cable do ineed and do i need any special sort of video/audio/tv card? Thanks.

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    You need a good video card, I have Geforce 4. But be warned, it is great for video files, but very poor for actual computer desktops. It is hard to read text on tv's because of how blurry it is.
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    Originally posted by dwightfry@1 October 2003 - 05:25
    You need a good video card
    you don't need a "good" video card. a $30 card has equal tv-quality to a $200+ card. the difference in price is only because of the speed in games.

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    Most TVs don't have the necessary resolution for displaying text.

    HD equipped TVs will fare better though.

    Altering settings within Windows may help with text viewing so plan on experimenting a bit.

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    I would use an ATI card as they generally have an RCA style cable rather than s-video. I myself have an ATI Radeon 7500 with TV out and it works perfectly.Text is blurry of course but movies look perfect.
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    ok,thanks chaps, i just wanna watch movies and stuff, i wont be playing games or reading text.


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