China Bans Online Gang Games
by Marcus Yam, 10:51 AM - July 28, 2009

" Online games with gang themes are facing a crackdown in China.

According to People's Daily Online, China's Ministry of Culture officially issued a circular requesting the immediate ban on online gang games that contain themes such as "sinister gang," "crime syndicate," "Mafia," "underworld," "godfather" and "hooligan."

The news report says that such games highlight "beating, killing, robbing, raping, and cheating," while "romancing bloody violence, instigating users to play the role of 'criminal syndicate' members in these games, and advocating such lives."

The story continues to pose that "these games have seriously threatened and distorted legal systems and moral rules and are very likely to have a harmful effect on teenagers."

Online gang games allegedly violate rules of the Interim Provisions on the Administration of Internet Culture, which paves the way for the Chinese government to crack down on this type of media. "