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Thread: Sharing Entire Albums...

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    Oops, wrong forum!!! Will move it now!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, not sure if someone has already posted an idea like this, or if there is already a solution, but I would like to see entire albums ripped, zipped and named with the artist and album title so that the whole album could be downloaded at once (with individual files, not one big mp3).

    If this was done, would a search have to be done for the album under software?

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    your best bet is on irc/bittorrent/emule
    thats how they spread on those p2p's
    heck on bittorrent you can get every cd released by a band in one torrent

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    This is called a albumwrap, only a few people do it. U probably would have to search for it as software.

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    Too rare, prob will download slow


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