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Thread: File Renaming

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    ever come across files out there that they've simply renamed on pic's they rename something so you get like a bunch of copies of them only renamed, in vid's you try d/ling a movie and it turns out to zoolander... there's too many fakes as it is.
    i've seen amv's from a few amv sites like dragon ball utopia, aluminum stuidos, mtt, stuff like that. and they rename so that it's not known who made it. i've even crossed 2 diffent amv's with the same file name... lol... same file name, same anime, same music... but... only diffent makers and diffent sizes.
    i think 1 tried to copy the other to tell ya the truth. and it's getting to the point where ppl still have cam version of moives out there even though there's divx quility of it available to d/l. makes you think that they don't even check what they even have sometimes.

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    Newcomers post this everyday, maybe 2-3 topic's about this everyday.


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    but it's so stupid, why do ppl rename after rename after rename. 10-1 you won't get what you think your getting.

    and second, don't call me a newcomer.

    i'd laugh if you'd be the one renaming the files just to piss everyone off, lol.

    well this is better then ppl spaming about viruses. lol, ppl who don't have a good enough av that can't stand simple viruses. and even trojans for sub 7 and backdoor type things for hakers.

    i bet you don't even know about half the stuff out there. or even stuff i know yet, play dumb to throw the noobs off. i.q. of 255 and not care about ppl that don't know simple things.


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