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Thread: How do I setup Multiple Internal Ip's to a single external ip + ports

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    I'm getting together with my friends to purchase a VPS or dedicated server. The catch is there is only 1 dedicated IP assigned to us. I was wondering if its possible to map ONE external IP to multiple internal ip's or accounts.

    MYIP:12345 ->
    MYIP:80 ->

    I want it so that each separate account I setup, can run a separate webserver (XAMPP or LAMP) / apps that all stem from that EXTERNALIPORT combination. Later on I hope to assign domain's to those specific ports so that we can have separate sites with that 1 IP.

    Is this possible? If so can anyone tell me how I would do it in Debian or Ubuntu Server? I'd prefer to stay away from Centos and FreeBSD.


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    look into iptables and nat that should do the trick.

    also a reverse proxy like pound is useful for instance it will direct traffic to different servers by a string in the url. -> -> is easy to do and also lets you use one ssl certificate for all your sites.

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    Since you are intending using apache as your web server, you should be able to do this with the right entries in your httpd.conf file. This file controls all the access to the different "virtual" web services. You can do this by a number of different methods, including url or port number.

    I would suggest you use the url approach rather than using a port number since it will give you more flexibility in the future.

    So where you've said MYIP:12345 you might have MYIP/service12345 and for MYIP:80 you could have MYIP/service80 (although for port 80 you would probably simply use the www prefix on your url). If you take this approach you would use the Location directive to redirect the part of the entry after the initial '/' or the LocationMatch directive if you used a completely different url.

    Don't ask me to go into the entries in any detail though, I'm by no means an expert in this area.
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    Are you going to purchase a VPS with cPanel or without a control panel.

    If you use will use cPanel that is no worry configuration, just ask the support them to correctly setup you A records for your nameservers and hostname.

    In other hands if you are going to purchase an unmanaged VPS, you can use variety of free CP's - I use Webmin + Virtualmin on my VPS.

    Also you can look for VPS offers on WebHostingTalk forum.

    I can recommend a company for your, but don't want to be pushy.

    And now for your question -

    Multiple IP's are handled under Apache's httpd.conf, VirtualHosts where for each VirtualHost you can configure on which IP it is going to be (among other thing).

    Hope this helped.


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