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Thread: W32.galil.c@mm

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    Discovered on: September 28, 2003
    Last Updated on: September 30, 2003 09:39:10 AM

    W32.Galil.C@mm is a mass-mailing worm that sends itself to the email addresses it finds in the files that have the .htm, .html, .eml, and .txt file extensions. The email will have a variable subject line and attachment name. The original sample received had a .scr file extension.

    This worm sends itself to all the contacts in the Microsoft Outlook Address Book and MSN messenger contact list, and it attempts to spread itself through the KaZaA file-sharing network.

    This threat is written in the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language and is compressed with UPX.
    Full Source And Info Here


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    Do you know when norton will make there next def update?


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