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Thread: Kazaa - Complete Global Search

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    One of the great "improvements" in Kazaa Lite over the original is the ability to keep on searching for a file "forever".

    Does anybody REALLY know how far you can get?

    A complete global Fasttrack net search - is it possible?

    How long will it actually have to take?

    ... It's just me, SyrinxGC, wondering loud

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    It does search around the world and it takes less then 12 secound for information to get from one side of the world to another.

    Thats improvment over when the american were fighting the britsh. It would take a month to get over the sea back and forth.

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    A complete search of all users would take up too much network resources.

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    ... well for how long is there a point continiung searching for hard to find stuff, like music from some not too well known artists?

    So far I have experienced that to let a search run a whole night gives me a much better result that f.ex. a 30 minute search.


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    true , true you can let search on whole the time - it is good to find new sources
    for a file (some files has over 1000 Sources).

    It depends, but normally it searches during whole search through whole
    fasttrack network, but the Fasttrack network is huge, so it will take a while while
    a source at the other end of the world is found :)


    nice dreeeaaaaaaams.


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